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Risk management


Expense management


Tax planning






Estate planning

By addressing each area, this is how i can help you protect + grow your wealth

WealthPlan Premium FEES

Our minimum fee for financial planning  is $5,000 per year .

(billed monthly or quarterly)

There is a one-time setup fee for new clients or former clients who have been away for more than one year. 

This is what we will do during year one

01. Financial Clarity Session

We review your goals, values, and your current financial situation. We clarify your vision, the challenges you may face, and start planning. This process helps you view your money as a tool for reaching your goals. We also set your initial planning goals with your priority items to tackle during our first 90 days.

02. Risk Management

In collaboration with your insurance provider, I help you protect against risks that are unpredictable (e.g., premature death, disability, loss of income). I identify how much cash you should have for emergencies, medical deductibles, long-term care, and short-term unemployment.

03. Expense Management

We review your weekly and monthly cash flow, assessing whether it aligns with your values and vision. If your spending and saving habits lack structure, I help you implement a cashflow system that supports prioritization and communication that is easy to maintain. It’s my goal to help you have freedom money so you can enjoy your hard earned dollars today, while putting money aside for your future.

04. Tax Planning

We can proactively manage your taxes by meeting annually with your CPA, Enrolled Agent, or Tax Preparer to outline a tax plan aligned with your short and long-term goals. We bring financial planning and tax planning together to work towards predictable outcomes when tax time arrives.

05. Investment Recommendations & Implementation

We use your values and goals to create the backbone of your investment structures. We start by teaching our Investments 101, so you’re clear on the basics: introducing how the stock market works, defining stocks and bonds, and explaining why we care about inflation, compound growth, asset location and asset allocation. Then we agree on the structure of your portfolio(s), so that assets are moving you more efficiently towards your long-term goals.

06. Retirement & Special Topics

We can review your retirement plan, compensation plan, college funding, stock options, real estate investing, starting a business, buying a home, career change, or other major life changes.

07. Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

I help you plan for the future by collaborating with an estate planning lawyer to review or implement estate documents (Will, Powers of Attorney, Beneficiary Designations, Advanced Directives and Trusts) that articulate what you want and make it easier for your loved ones to carry out your wishes.


Charitable giving can complete your financial plan and align your values with your assets. We explore whether a Donor Advised Fund, capital contributions, family foundations, or annual giving make sense for your situation.


We will meet at minimum twice per year to incorporate recent life changes into your plan and review your progress. We review the R.E.T.I.R.E acronym and tackle any pressing items you may have at that time.

second year clients will pay a flat fee of $3,000

If client maintains an investment account with us of minimum $500,000, all financial planning will be included at no extra charge. 

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