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I wasn't always a personal finance expert

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA. My dad was a business owner and mom was in education. I grew up playing soccer and was recruited to play Division 1 collegiate soccer at San Jose State University. After I graduated, I had the opportunity to spend time with the New England Revolution (Major League Soccer) in Boston. I loved soccer, but knew playing with the reserves in MLS was probably not going to pay the bills. After soccer, a friend led me to an opportunity in the financial services industry.

Frankly, all I really knew about money at that point was how to spend it.

Growing up, money management and investing was always a major challenge in our family. We went through cycles of having money, then losing it all, and then starting the cycle over again—for decades.  The financial struggle was real and caused a lot of pain, as it does with so many families. Ultimately, my experiences motivated me to break the cycle and eventually become a Certified Financial Planner™.

Why i do what i do...

I started my career working for a firm that was heavily focused on making their own advisors money vs. clients.  The firm was product sales driven and I saw the ugly side of the financial services industry. I witnessed unethical behavior and advisors taking advantage of clients.

I quickly realized this wasn't the path I wanted to continue or the culture i wanted to be a part of.

I wanted to provide real financial planning and meet clients where they were. I didn’t want to lead with product sales, I wanted to lead with advice and address every major aspect of a financial plan not just insurance or investments. I wanted to find a way to build off of my education, personal experiences and passion. I realized there is a way to be my authentic self and build a successful firm that does good things for people.

I had my why, and at this point, my what and how became clear.

I earned my Personal Financial Planning Certificate from UCLA, became a CFP® and founded WealthBuilders, LLC to help people protect and grow their wealth.



why I aim high

My beautiful family, that is it. 
We love to spend time together, eat good food, go to the beach and parks, and stay active. Our weekends are filled up with kids’ activities, sports, family, and fun.

My wife of 10+ years is Edita, a full-time business executive. These two cuties are Camila and Cash. We also have two mini-dachshunds, Pickle and Mya. We love to travel domestically and internationally. Disneyland, Maui, and Cabo are our favorites at moment. Edita and I love a good happy hour and spending quality time with friends and family. Our goal is to continue saving for our financial future and build a legacy for our family.

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