Growing your capital


I believe in

Evidence-based financial science and investing for the long term

I implement globally diversified portfolios and Nobel Prize winning research with leading money managers.  I do not believe you can beat the market, but you can capture it. I will educate on how to make the market work for you and use resources from leading academics like Eugene Fama or Kenneth French to help you achieve a great investment experience.

WealthBuilders is a fee-only fiduciary firm and I do not earn commissions from selling financial products that could be a conflict of interest. I have no agenda, just your financial well-being

Annual fee for portfolio management

The annual fee for portfolio management services is based on a percentage of assets in your account and is set forth in the following annual fee schedule:

Under $499,999 — 1.50%

$500,000 – $2,999,999 — 1.00%

Over $3,000,000  —  Negotiable

How we will work together

Once we have decided to work together and you have shared the information I need to get started, I will analyze what you have and what you need to set up.

Although I will take care of everything for you, my goal is to help you understand how investment works. I will guide you on a multitude of concepts, so we can collaborate about where to invest.  I will then implement what we have decided and we will connect every quarter at minimum to re-balance or make adjustments if needed.

I’ve seen the bull and bear markets and will help coach you through major market changes or life events. Human nature is to panic when markets are down or to get excited when they are up, and I will share best practices to help you stay focused throughout your wealth-building journey.

I'm accessible whenever you need financial advice

I provide white glove service to help you navigate the economic cycle, so you don't make any financial mistakes along the way.