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You are a high earner and have equity compensation.
You may be asking ...

What do I do with all of my money?

My company is going public, how do I manage my RSUs, stock options, and taxes?

How should I be investing for my future?

Your high-income years are critical to your financial well-being and security

These are also some of your busiest years. I got you! It feels great to make good income, but it can also be stressful when it’s not being properly managed. I will provide you with a financial roadmap to set you up for success, share unbiased advice to help you grow your nest egg, and also show you how to keep and grow those hard earned dollars.

WealthBuilders is a fee-only, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor – this means I am only compensated by my clients and am legally required to put their interests first.

How I can support you

Investment Management

I’m a CFP® with 17+ years of experience in financial services. I help  early to mid-career professionals in tech reach their investment goals by focusing on each of their specific goals and values, and by providing investment advice that is based on evidence—not emotion.

I apply principles from academic research and financial science to manage globally diversified, asset class portfolios for individuals and families with unbiased advice.


This is where we dive deep to make sure we address each of the key areas of a financial plan to help you protect and grow your wealth. We practice Financial Life Planning which is a stronger approach to traditional financial planning that is more values-based and life-centered. 

I align your core values, beliefs, and goals to your fully customized Wealth Plan. My goal is to help you develop a more successful and satisfying relationship with money.


Eric is dedicated and passionate to support and guide clients around the pitfalls of wealth management. He has built a firm that not only gives clients financial security, but also a roadmap for future financial growth.

He has a very clear process and a holistic approach to ensure nothing is missed during the financial planning experience. With his empathic and clear communication style, he delivers the highest standard of financial planning services to make sure you’re on the right track.

Eric was born and raised in San Jose, CA and is a Certified Financial Planner™.

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